Artisan Brushes and Accessories

Our beautiful Blue Italian brushes are hand made in Italy exclusively for us. The Krex® fibres are cutting edge technology to ensure the smoothest finish possible with a brush! The fibres are long, strong, flexible and super fine with a tapered end to allow easy application of paint and a stroke free finish.  Available in oval, flat and round brushes.

Artisan Blue Italian brushes feature advanced synthetic fibres, which help to produce a smooth, contemporary finish. The brushes are designed to take a large amount of paint and to apply the paint evenly, minimising brush marks. Paint simply rinses away in water, so they are simple to maintain.

Artisan wax brushes are perfect for producing both a textured vintage look or a smooth sleek modern finish depending on your technique. They are hand made in Italy, and constructed from lovely, densely packed predominantly natural bristles firmly embedded in resin for minimal bristle loss, with a natural beech handle.

Natural Bristle Brush The oval shape enhances the amount of paint held in the brush. The bristles are strong yet pliable, tapered and feature natural split ends to ensure a lovely smooth finish. The ferrule is steel, and resistant to rust and solvents, and the natural beech handle fits comfortably in your hand. Available in small (size 10), medium (size 12) and large (size 14).

Our Artisan Brush Soap is a must have in your tool bag. It combines coconut, olive and rice bran oils with the gorgeous perfume of Persian lime and lemongrass to keep your precious brushes clean, conditioned and smelling sweet! Perfect for all acrylic and water based paints, and all brush types, it is also a safe and gentle way to wash your hands after painting.

Our Super Sponge fits snuggly in your hand and is the perfect tool to apply your finishing coats with a flawless finish.

Possibly the best investment you will make!  The Artisan Brush Scrubber effortlessly cleans dried crusted paint from brush bristles.  Simply rinse brush, swirl onto our gorgeous Brush Soap and then swirl vigorously on the scrubber. The silicone teeth are firm enough to remove paint build up yet gently enough to protect the bristles.

Artisan’s Magic Misting bottle is the perfect tool to help you obtain that flawless finish!  A continuous super fine mist allows you to smooth and blend Artisan paints even on the hottest days. A must have for blending and faux finishes. 350 ml