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Heres a message from Laura and Sam 

Our mission is to provide bespoke artworks for your home, business or office at an affordable price. Our wide range of laser cut artworks offer something more than just your average everyday, mass-produced imported products.

We are 100% Australian owned and operated so all our artwork is made from locally sourced materials and made right here in Brisbane. By supporting LAA, you are supporting many other Australian small businesses just like us.
It is our passion to bring manufacturing back to Australia and to support as many people as possible in the process. Our long-term goal is to create job opportunities and give back to our community by sharing our profits with local charities on an ongoing basis and continuing to support our environment with eco-friendly packaging options and minimising waste wherever possible.
We are thankful for every order we receive – you are an essential part of achieving this goal.
Meet Sam & Laura, owners and operators of Laser Art Australia

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