Alices's Wonders Brush Soap - Scrubbing

Alices's Wonders Brush Soap - Scrubbing

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All of our soaps are safe to use as hand, body and household soap.

This lovely soap is full of natural exfoliants which are great for grubby hands and mucky brushes!!! Great for you and also great for those who do manual work e.g. mechanics, gardeners, labourers, tradespeople and farmers.

Alices Wonders Brush Soap Scrubbing 


  • best for heavy duty cleaning - brushes, hands

  • long-lasting

  • contains sea salt and pumice stone for natural exfoliation

  • cleans water based products (not yet tested with oil based products)

  • cleans both natural and synthetic brushes

Key Ingredients

We take great care in selecting high quality ingredients for our soaps.

  • Coconut oil

  • Shea butter

  • Essential oil

  • Mica colouring

  • Sea salt

  • Pumice stone