Barleycorn Vintage Stencil ARABESQUE MANDALA  FS82

Barleycorn Vintage Stencil ARABESQUE MANDALA FS82

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Barleycorn Vintage Stencil Arabesque Mandala is perfectly symmetrical. Beautiful for a finishing touch to your furniture. Looks amazing on windows and walls. Manufactured from high quality 10ml Mylar. Our Stencils are flexible and reusable, not to be confused with inferior plastics.

Dimensions Large 28cm Diameter and Extra Large 46cm diameter

The Extra Large comes as one half which can be flipped to form the full stencil.

Use Stencils for creating your very own unique look on your painted furniture projects. By simply applying your stencil and using chalk paint, mineral paints, acrylic paints and more. Use mediums such as textures and fillers for raised stencils.

We carry a wide range of furniture stencil, Wall stencils, Shabby Chic Stencils, Stencils for painting, Modern stencils, Large Stencils, Letter stencils and sign stencils. 

Use stencils for different styles such as distressed, shabby Chic, contemporary, Art Deco. It doesn't stop there. Use in bathrooms, Kitchen cabinets, Bedrooms and living spaces.