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Artisan Natural Chalk Finish is a beautiful, natural chalk finish furniture paint that goes on smoothly, distresses easily, and finishes with flair. Artisan Natural Chalk Finish has been developed by furniture artisans for furniture artists like you, and transforms old furniture, frames, bowls, jars and just about anything into enviable works of upcycled art.

It needs no priming and dries quickly to a smooth velvety finish that can be left chalky, sealed with wax or used as a base for your unique effects and finishes. Available in three sizes and dozens of colours.

ARCTIC WHITE Crisp, clean and pure, this white is the perfect base for other effects and a minimal shade for a contemporary look. This is a cool white with a hint of grey. Try without embellishment for a flat look, or add a gloss finish to make it shine. 

PARCHMENT A little warmer than white, this ivory shade has the tones of paper and the lightness of cream. Mellow and warm, this is the white you use when you want lightness and brightness. 

Travertine A warm pale to mid cream inspired by light stone and warm days. More beige than white, it’s the perfect backdrop. White with a hint of beige, yellow and green to leave it completely neutral. 

Creme Brulee A cool caramel tone, this creamy beige has a dusky quality, especially when contrasted with pure white or deep grey. Fresh, with enough pink to make it warm. 

Cafe Au Lait A warm pale brown that mimics thick froth on your morning coffee. The perfect neutral for an antique finish. It’s a warm stone colour with a hint of green to keep it fresh. This chalk colour is a great neutral to use as a base for lighter and darker details, and it also works perfectly with gold.  

Truffle A light grey beige with a small hint of green to keep it cool and fresh, this is another perfect neutral to use as a background for your original finishes. Stone brown with slightly khaki tones, all combined in a light base. This versatile shade will stay light and fresh when left chalky, but takes on a richer tone when varnished or waxed and highlighted with gold. 

Mocha A rich brown in the mid tones with a hint of richness, this chocolatey shade is a counterpoint to both light and dark wood, along with gold. Mid brown with a hint of yellow to keep it warm. This shade is the perfect accent to a beautiful natural wood finish and can be used to complement and enhance. 

Normandy Stone A light brown grey, this stone shade is the perfect counterpoint to a crisp white room with lighter wood accents. Warm and light, this neutral is the perfect balance between grey and beige and goes with both. It is ultra modern when left chalky. However, it operates as a neutral backdrop for any colour or effect.  

Cobblestone The perfect mid grey with a hint of taupe, it provides an opulent finish that is asking for a modern touch. Edge with white details or keep it velvety. A warm grey with just enough balance. One of our favourite shades, this grey can be used for both drama and subtlety. 

Slate A lovely warm neutral grey, this is a very natural shade, making it just right for a modern piece of furniture. Not too pink and not too green. This chalk finish colour is a perfect base for your project, but works equally on its own in a piece with simple lines.

Charcoal Rich and deep, this shade works equally well as a backdrop for sultry schemes and a feature colour for dramatic furniture. A mid to dark tone that sits firmly in the neutral spectrum. It’s the perfect foil for metallics, adding richness without the depth of black. Rich and deep, this shade works equally well as a backdrop for sultry schemes and a feature colour for dramatic furniture. 

Winter Grey is at the same time blue, green and grey. It is beautifully cool and chameleon like depending on its partners. Highly modern when paired with creams and whites, it takes on the green in greens and the blue in blues to create a highlight.

Riviera Haze An almost misty blue green, this pale shade is cooler than white but warmer than ice. It is a pure shade with just a hint of warmth. Leave chalky to contrast with tiles and glass, or add a gloss finish to counteract the misty feel.

Cote d'azur Summery and clear, this light blue aqua is a perfect pastel and a cool neutral. Make it opulent with metallics or add to neutrals for a relaxed beach style. Aqua that leans more to blue than green with a light base.

Fifth Avenue Bright, sassy and noticeable, this vibrant aqua makes a bold statement. An even blend of pure blue and green, in a crisp but zingy combination. While it is a young and popping colour, it also oozes class and can be paired perfectly with bright white and opulent silver for tradition or modernity. 

St Tropez A beautiful sea green blue, this shade is deep and cool at the same time. Green with enough blue to be soft and a touch of grey. Leave chalky to contrast with glossy accessories or add a shiny finish and metallic accents for a bejewelled look. 

Monaco Mediterranean landscapes are the inspiration for this deep teal which looks just as good in a flat finish as it does with glossy gold or copper. It’s a rich blue with a touch of green and a lot of warmth. 

 French Blue This cool Wintry blue is highly sophisticated and classical when paired with neutrals and other cool blues. It has just a touch of violet and a dab of grey to make it dusky. Keep it crisp with white accent or make it smokier with grey tones. It also works as a contrast colour to your neutral pieces.

Navy A maritime French blue with additional warmth, this nautical shade can be either moody or bright. Pair with neutrals to make its richness stand out. A warm dark blue with a touch of teal to warm it up. Left flat and chalky, this is fashionable and contemporary finish, particularly against a white background. It feels more vintage with other rich tones. 

 Royale Rich, moody and dark, this black blue is nothing but dramatic. It acts as a dark foil for a lighter blue or contrasts dramatically with minimal white. This midnight colour is cool and rich with very few green or purple tones. Asking for a deep shine, this dark tone lends itself to simple wax or a touch of silvery accent.

Duck Egg More green than blue, this delicate shade is warm and ideal paired with warm whites and creams for a modern country feel. Green blue with a hint of warm grey.

Sage A mid khaki green grey, this modern mid shade has perfect balance allowing it to be paired with either warm or cool tones. Warm green with a touch of grey. Left chalky, this shade is totally modern with white or cream. 

Olive Leaf A rich warm green with just a touch of silver, this shade can be made traditional with ochres and greys or contemporary with light neutrals. A pure green with a hint of yellow and a touch of grey to keep it neutral. 

Courgette Deep and opulent, this green is a statement colour. A classic bottle green, it looks fresh with pale neutrals and rich with other dark tones. It sits on both the cool and neutral spectrum. 

Merlot A deep red with blue tones, this masculine Victorian shade creates a classic ambience. Make it modern by combining with greys and blacks. Deep red with a touch blue and added warmth. This chalk paint is best finished with a gloss and edged with another rich tone or opulent metallics. 

Moulin Rouge Scarlet mixed with wine, this red is a warm berry shade that will add drama and opulence to your furniture. An Autumnal warm and vibrant red, this shade is best with lots of embellishment in complementary tones. 

Provencal Inspired by the sunflower fields of Southern France, this yellow is warm and bright. Make it fresh with light neutrals or rich with deep tones. Neither orange nor green, this yellow sits warmly in the middle.

Peony A petal pink inspired by blossom and blush, this light shade is pretty and feminine. With just a touch of peach, this pink is light and pure. Perfect paired with other pastels or as a light accent to other pinks or copper shades, this colour is versatile and pretty

Elise A warm pale to mid pink with a hint of terracotta, this shade is a warm blush that isn’t too sweet. Light pink without blue, and with just a touch of orange, keeping it warm.

Fleur Subtle grey pink that is both delicate and feminine without being too sweet. Light pink with enough grey to make it dusky and cool. Another pastel staple, this colour pairs perfectly with any grey shade, whites and other pastels, making it pretty and versatile. 

Lavender Field This grey mauve is both feminine and neutral. Equally comfortable in any space, it pairs with silver for opulence and grey for a classical look. A slightly cool neutral, the lilac is balanced with a touch of mid grey. 

Noir Almost black, this shade absorbs light but throws out class. make it monochrome with greys or dramatic with metallics for a talking point. Neutral black that is both warm and cool. As an accent to a paler piece, this shade provides contrast, but it come into its own with metallics.