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This matte, velvety, self-levelling, chalk finish paint is the perfect choice for vintage shabby chic, distressed & rustic textured looks.

How To Use

  • Minimal prep. Clean substrate, sand flaking paint off, lightly scuff shiny surfaces to promote adhesion. Paint, glaze or seal.
  • Always do a test patch to see if this product is right for your project.
  • Apply a coat with a broad brush, spray or roller.
  • If spraying, thin with water as necessary. Our product can be thinned up to 30%.
  • Allow your first coat to dry thoroughly before applying your next coat. 
  • for a smooth finish, use a smooth flat brush in long smooth strokes, you can sand lightly in between coats for a super smooth finish also use our liquid wax with wet & dry sandpaper to finish as a sealer.
  • for a textured rustic look, use criss cross brush strokes with a round or oval brush to give your piece added interest, any of our sealers can be used.
  • In some cases, you may find some substrates may have tannin bleed-through. Should this happen, use our base & blocker to prevent further staining. 
  • 200ml will cover approx 2-3 square metres and 600ml will cover approx 7-8 square metres in normal conditions. This will definitely depend on the colour choice, whites will require more coats hence cover less square metres.
  • Drying Times Touch: 30 Minutes(at 25 °C); Recoat: 4 Hours(at 25 °C).

Seashell - Our creamy white

Cotton - Our warm off white

Snow - Our pure white

Porcelain - Our cool off white (best coverage)

Cloud - Our grey toned white