ClingOn Pointed Brush Size 14 PS14

ClingOn Pointed Brush Size 14 PS14

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ClingON pointy paint brushes are perfect for spindles, banisters and detailed work. Used in the furniture painting communities for Chalk Painting and Mineral Painting. From the Tradie to the hobbyist, ClingOn on brushes are the perfect brush for most types of water based paints. They are long lasting and can be suspended in water and will not rust. They last for year and years when looked after. 


- PS10 - 

Extra extra small pointed brush

Diameter: 0.8" (20mm) 

Filaments length: 2" (55mm)

Handle: 6,3" (160mm)


- PS12 - 

Small pointed brush

Diameter: 0.9" (23mm)

Filaments length: 



- PS14 - 

Medium pointed brush

Diameter: 1" (26mm)

Filaments length: 2,3" (58mm)

Handle: 6,9" (175mm)