ReDesign with Prima Stick and Style Stencils

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Redesign Stick & Style Stencil - Leopard - 1 Roll 15.24cm x 274cm

We at Chalk and Mirrors are super excited with our new Stick and Style Stencil by Re-Design by Prima.

The stencil is self adhesive and removes easy to be used over and over again. Your DIY projects will look amazing. You roll out the stencil and cut the length you want, stick it to your furniture or project, add your medium and carefully remove. No bleeds or no seeping. 

What makes these stencils great are you can line them up easily, they don't slip, you can reposition them, take the stencil right around your piece and bam fantastic and professional results. 

Use them with stencil mediums, gilding wax, Chalk style paint, chalk pastes and more. 

Sizes in the green variety 6' Self Adhesive Stencil 3 Yards in one roll.