Short Angled 50 SA50

Short Angled 50 SA50

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The Cling On! Shorties are the most popular brushes in the Cling On! range! Why?
Well apart from being really cute….they are great ‘all rounders’ and squeeze into tight spaces like a charm!
Think bookshelves, chair legs, wine racks….anywhere a longer handle just gets in the way. They are beautifully light and balance in your hand perfectly, reducing fatigue and letting you paint for longer! 

The S30 is fabulous for scrolls & detailed work with it’s smaller semi oval tapered head & precision cutting in. It also excels on decor projects & mirrors/frames.

The S50 applies the perfect amount of paint quickly for medium to large projects yet boasts superior cutting in thanks to it’s tapered head

First cousin to the ever popular Shortie 50 (S50) the Short Angled 50 (SA50) has an angled/tapered head for cutting in and precision edging!