Pureco Silk Finish Paint Pear

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Newly sprouted spring leaves, the vibrant colour of a ripe pear and the fresh hue of a young lime.

Pureco Silk Finish Paint is our easy-to-use, eco-friendly, water and acrylic based mineral paint. Made in Australia, it dries to a 100% washable, stain-resistant, satin sheen finish! 

We designed this paint to be ideal for all furniture artists, from beginner to experienced! It is the perfect choice for those who like to paint and go, more suited to smooth clean finishes like those seen in modern, coastal and Hamptons styles! (Don’t worry you can still shabby it up like you can the Chalk Finish!) 

Unlike most other mineral paints, when dry, Silk Finish has a beautiful (tough) eggshell shine to it, eliminating the need for additional topcoats. Our Sealers can still be applied for extra durability on high traffic surfaces if desired! 

Amazing self levelling properties so you can achieve the smoothest finish, every time!