Dixie Belle Clear Coats and Wax’s

Finish of your project in your favourite Dixie Belle Clear Coat. Table tops Gator hide. Add your glazes, waxs and decorative finishes

Flat Clear Coat is a dream come true! Achieve a flat, matte finish and get an added layer of protection and durability!

Satin Clear Coat Protect your pieces with a satin sheen! This Clear Coat provides durability and a unique finish.

Gloss Clear Coat is a water-resistant polyacrylic with a subtle shiny finish! Gloss Clear Coat adds a layer of protection to your piece.

To use Gloss Clear Coat:
Use a dry brush to apply a thin coat of Gloss Clear Coat.

For additional protection, apply another coat after one hour. You can add up to 3 very thin coats.

Gator Hide 

A water repellent clear coat, Gator Hide is super tough, just as its name implies!

This water-based poly-acrylic is designed for high traffic areas such as cabinets, counter tops, tabletops and outdoor furniture! If gator hide is unavailable use Silk Extra Coat. Very similar to Gator hide. 

    Dixie Belle Silk Extra Coat can be used as a finishing product over the top of painted Furniture. Silk Extra Coat is a very tough water-based poly and is ideal for high traffic areas like tabletops. Silk Extra Coat is suitable over painted, stained and raw timber Furniture. Can also be used over Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint. 
    Very Similar to Gatorhide. 

    I personally recommend for a first coat to use one of our Dixie Belle clear coats, once dry follow with gator hide or Silk extra coat. 
    Gator hide and Extra Coat drys down faster than Dixie Belles clear coats. Using clear coat first will help gator hide and extra coat glide smoothly across the piece. Making it easier to work with and avoids streaks by over working it. 

    If you are purchasing outside of Australia please copy and paste my link below into google which will take you to Dixie Belles website. At no cost to you I may receive a very small commission from Dixie Belle by helping me out. 

    US purchasing go to


    Wax’s - 

    Best Dang Wax

    is a smooth, water-based, water-resistant wax that is rich in color!
    Add depth and dimension to your piece with the user-friendly formula.
    Mix paint with Best Dang Wax to create a custom wax color!
    There is no need to use Clear wax before adding depth with Brown or Black.

    Choose from Clear, Brown, Black, Grunge Gray and White.


    Cameleon Wax 

    Illuminates your pieces with an iridescent glow. Chameleon wax is a sheer and stunning wax used to bring out the natural highlight of your project. Chameleon Wax comes in 3 colors; Cactus, Lilac and Apricot. This dazzling oil-based product is set to make any piece glow.

    Available in three colors: Lilac, Apricot, Cactus:

    Cactus: Lively and bright, this color is as sharp and spectacular as a wild cactus. This vibrant green brings elegance and shine to a piece destined for a new life.

    Lilac: Reminiscent of the woodland flower, the Lilac Chameleon Wax is delicate and iridescent. You'll love this wax for adding a petal-like glow to your projects!

    Apricot: Delightfully luminous, the Apricot Chameleon Wax is fruity and warm. Give your projects a sun-kissed glow!


    Easy Peasy Spray Wax 

    Used to provide a durable finish, Easy Peasy Spray Wax is just that—Easy Peasy!

    Simply shake, mist over a small area, let it stand for 30 seconds, and then wipe!

    Creating a clear matte finish, Easy Peasy Spray Wax comes in an 8 oz. container.

    Its special formula provides a durable finish to repel dust, dirt, grime, and water! In fact, it can be used on outdoor furnishings! It will not melt or become tacky.

    Reapply every 3 to 4 months for continued protection!


    Gilding Wax 

    Bring a metallic luster to your piece with Gilding Wax. This oil-based product will radiate across all types of projects and create scintillation on any piece. Use this product on ornate carvings to enhance texture or detail with a metal-like flare.

    Add a touch of beauty, shimmer and sheen to your painted projects.  Each color comes in a 40 ml (1.3 oz) container.

    You can apply Gilding Wax with your finger, cloth, sponge or brush.

    Let the Gilding Wax dry for 30 - 60 minutes.

    Lightly buff after 12 hours to produce a beautiful gilded finish.

    If the lid is left off and material becomes dry, add a little paint thinner or mineral spirits and mix.

    Use Gilding Wax in a well ventilated area!

    Available in six colors: Gold, Copper, Bronze, Black, Silver, Zinc:

    Gold: Consider this a pot of gold for furniture detail. This colored wax gleams of luxury and is bound to cast a glowing shadow on your projects . After using this product, your masterpiece will surely be deemed "royalty".

    Copper: A penny for your thoughts? How about a pot full of pennies? Polished and perfected, this copper metallic wax is the perfect addition for your rustic DIYs.

    Bronze: Define your pieces with this rich metallic brown. This luscious wax is ideal for adding natural and aged perfection to a piece.

    Black: Accent your pieces with heightened depth or add age using this rich and lavish black wax. Apply to every day furniture for a timeless and elegant feel.

    Silver: Build on additional shimmer and shine by applying this striking silver to your pieces. Leave your pieces looking refreshed and buffed with this silver metallic wax. This wax will add additional bling to anything

    Zinc: Cast the essence of the midnight ocean across your piece with this deep and fulfilling color. This color is as rich as the seas but it is shown in waves throughout the black tone. Let the depth of the ocean speak within your piece by using this unique wax.